I have been a professional Deejay for weddings and community events since 2002. I began teaching since 1987 and have formal training in Public Speaking. MusicMX is a member of the American Deejay Association, Bridal Association and Chamber of Commerce. We use only professional equipment and have backups available for almost any size event. I have an assistant with me for all weddings that is skilled with all equipment. We always dress professionally with a Tuxedo standard for all weddings. As a member of the Deejay and Bridal Association, I have several associates who are Deejays and available in case of emergency. MusicMX is insured and takes the safety of your guests and my staff seriously.


MusicMX can provide several services in addition to Deejay, sound and lighting. We regularly work with several singers, bands and orchestras to add a truly special touch. References are available for all our services.



• Deejay

• Emcee

• Sound Systems

• Lighting for Dance Floor

• Music for Wedding and Reception

• Timeline and Agenda



  1. Have you committed yourself to follow A Code of Professional Conduct?

  2. Are you insured? Can you supply me with proof of liability?

  3. Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?

  4. Do you use Professional Equipment?

  5. Do you provide backup equipment at my event?

  6. Does the Disc Jockey know the proper etiquette for your type of party?

  7. How much time do you allow for set-up?

  8. Do you provide a written contract?

  9. Will you be suitably dressed for our occasion?

10. Do you belong to a professional organization or trade group?



Disc Jockey rates vary based on talent, experience, emcee ability, service, coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality.

Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly. The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As a matter of fact, surveys conclude that nearly 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority in hindsight.



MusicMX will work with you to organize your wedding and reception. We will offer you a sample agenda as a guideline for your wedding. We suggest you alter or customize it to meet your needs. The day of your wedding, as your emcee, we will work with staff to keep things moving, people dancing and guest entertained, so all can enjoy the day.

MusicMX will ask for at least two meetings with you prior to the wedding. An initial meeting to discuss our services and sign contracts, and again approximately one month out to review and finalize your Agenda, Music and Activities. We will attend any rehearsal if we are available. Feel free to contact us at any time by email, text or phone if you have any questions or need assistant with planning your day.      ...more....

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Sound, lighting, Video & photobooths



Professional Grade Equipment

Name brands such as JBL, QSC, Pioneer, FBT, Renkis Heinz, Shure and Sennheiser

Professional deejays, Video and sound technicians

Our staff is required to have proper training, a professional attitude and go above and beyond for our clients and guests. We have years of experience working with bands, non-profit and for-profit organizations and for community events. All staff wear appropriate clothing for your event, from our logo shirts to suits or tuxedos.

Backup Systems

We have several full sound systems and all equipment is inspected prior to set up. In the event a backup is required, we have backup systems and personnel for most all events.

Licensed, Insured & member of  several  Professional memberships

• American Bridal Association

• American Deejay Association

• Chamber of Commerce



MusicMX is dedicated to providing our customers with professional quality sound, lighting, Video and Photo booths.  We always go above and beyond to make your event memorable and successful.

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